Anyone can write good sales letters when you follow a simply format.

 Sales letters tips

Sales pages usually follow a certain format that can be applied to all markets.

Here are 10 techniques to apply when writing your own sales page.


Start off with a headline, even a pre-headline that shocks, interests or intrigues your visitor or touches their nerves.
For example if you were in the ‘body building’ niche, your headline might be… ‘How A Whimpy Hard Gainer Packed On 12lbs Of Pure Muscle In 1 Week Applying This 1 Simple Rule…
And How You Can Copy This Method Even If You’ve Got Bad Genes…’
If you were in ‘make money’ niche, your headline might be…’Why 99.9% Of Internet Marketers Fail And Throw In The Towel Even Before They Start…
And How You Can Become The 0.1% Elite Who Know The Secret To Lasting Success…’

Right after your shocking headline is an ideal place to add an image or promo video that engages the visitor further.
For example, for the body builder, you could have a before and after picture that show the dramatic effects of gaining muscle.
If you’re in the make money niche, you might show a picture of one miserable marketer, and one successful marketer.
Pictures play on people’s emotions and help communicate feelings that words alone might struggle to do. So, use both as soon as the page loads!

Your visitor will want to feel like you really understand their needs, wants and problems.
You can introduce yourself, tell your side of the story of just get straight into describing their problems.
You might have a lot to say at this point so use indented paragraphs and break up your sales copy with sub-headlines to make it easier on the eyes – and to keep those skim readers interested.

Show them a virtual cover of your product with a quick side note of what it effectively does.
Help your visitor visualize what they could potentially get their hands on, despite it being a digital product.

Bullet points help keep the readers eyes focused on important points you want to share.
State the benefits of what your product does and answer why it’s important.
Your bullet points will also slow down people skim-reading your sales page.

Give your product out for free to people on forums to test and review your product.
Ask them for their picture, their website URL and use their review as content on your sales page.
This not only establishes trust with your visitor, but makes your website look more authentic and increases conversions!

Even if you have every intention of refunding an unhappy customer, you should always make it clear to them that you’re open about this.
Emphasize the fact that this product it there to help solve a problem, provide a fix, or allow them to do things faster.
Your guarantee should be clear, confident and provide plenty of time for them to ‘try it out’.
You might consider a 60-day guarantee on products, or maybe a lifetime guarantee!

People want to know how much your product is and don’t want to have to click the order button to find out or read between the lines to sift out the price.
This is a good time to mention their problems again, and state how much it’s costing them to put up with it.
For example, if you’re selling a product on ‘self-dense’ you can state how much it’s worth to feel confident walking the streets alone…
how much safer they feel when faced with a threatening situation…
how much safer their family are now that they’re able to protect them – can one put a price on that?
The more you stress their problems and the knock-on effects of their problems, the more your asking price will seem smaller!

This is straight-forward and should always be included if you want people to take action.
Provide a call to action such as ‘click here to order’, ‘secure your order now’ etc.
You need to tell people what to do after spending so much time convincing them that they is what they need.

Some visitors will skim down your sales page, go to the bottom to check the price, and also read a few of your P.S.s –
this is your chance to get the main points out and stress the importance of their pain and how they will continue suffering with their problem if they don’t get your product.

That’s really all there is to it!
Remember, understand your visitor first and what their problem really is.
Only then will it be easier to build a product and good sales copy around it!

Good Luck.

Article taken from MediaKettle  UK