One of the most important keys to successful promotions is ‘adding value’ along with your recommendations to differentiate you from the thousands of other affiliates out there.
A good promotion page with a cool bonus can deliver 5 times higher conversions and put 5 times more cash in your bank account, with the same sized list and the same amount of traffic.
It Works!
You see there’s something else that few ‘super affiliates’ actually talk about and what most (including many successful marketers) get completely WRONG…



If you’re constantly mailing your list multiple offers and telling them something different every day or running ad campaigns that are too short to properly judge results then you’re missing out.

Not just a little but most likely A LOT!

You have to be consistent.

But experience shows that you should NOT GIVE UP or to move on too soon.

Sometimes your followers, readers and visitors need to understand why you value a product and deem it worthy of recommending it to them.
They may not ‘get it’ right away, they may have missed your email or not had a chance to read your first blog post.
But the second message they might get, that second tweet they might read, that extra blog post might just switch on that light-bulb over their heads so they ‘get it’ too.
And then you’ve just made a sale that you wouldn’t have made had you failed to follow up or lacked consistency in your promotional campaign.

It’s an important point so don’t give up to soon it’ll pay dividends for you in two ways.

1)  You’ll generate more sales and bank more commissions

2)  You’re audience will appreciate that you went above and beyond to share something really cool with them.

Your audience isn’t just there to buy more and more stuff you fire out of your autoresponder at them that’s lacking in focus or consideration.
They may buy first time round and not need a second email sure, but they may just not get the value of what you’re recommending right away and when they do they will appreciate you even more for telling them more than once.

Three Top Tips for successful affiliate marketing :

1)  Only ever promote a product because it serves your audience well, it will genuinely help them accomplish something they need to do, or do it better, faster or cheaper than they already can.  But NOT because it pays a decent commission to you.  Serve your audience first, repay their trust, reward them for taking the time to listen to you and the rewards will come automatically as a result.

2)  Add Value.  Simply taking a launch swipe and mailing it out is LAZY.  Grabbing a banner ad and slapping on your blog sidebar is a waste – Think about what can you add to make it an even better proposition for your audience?  It doesn’t have to be a bonus, you could broker a discount with the vendor or arrange some special terms for your readers.  You could simply write a helpful review and offer some tips to get the most from the product you’re recommending.

3)  BE CONSISTENT AND FOLLOW UP.  If you give up before your audience ‘get it’ you’ll lose out.  You’ll miss the opportunity of more sales and worse… you’ll demonstrate to your audience you lack belief in what you’re telling them.  Be consistent, follow up and prove you’re doing it for them!

One final recommendation:

You need to craft awesome promotion pages (bonus promotions, review pages, bypass pages and more) it’ll save you huge amounts of time and it will speed up your journey to higher commissions and an army of loyal fans. You can create your own pages if you have the skills or use tools to achieve this – there are plenty out there.