Marketing and advertising programs can cost you in time and money if you do not obtain the proper strategies correct for you company or brand.


If you strive to generate cash as well as growing your internet business you must commit enough time and resources to develop solid business strategies to promote your internet site.  There is no point creating a large Facebook list if your potential buyers aren’t on Facebook, so work on your strategies before spending any money.  During the setup stage of your website you should review best practice and routes others have found successful.

Ideas to consider

Having a clearly defined marketing plan will allow you to map out the processes required to bring traffic to your internet site.  Deciding on your internet marketing strategies will be different depending on your route to generate an income and therefore it is important to formulate that direction early on.  You need to develop your reputation in your chosen niche and having a social media strategy will assist you in this.

There are plenty of books, pdf’s and video training to assist you and many seasoned marketers will advise that having a mentor is key.  I personally settled on one mentor which I felt comfortable with for my internet marketing strategy development.  Time will tell if I chose wisely but after watching many webinars and reading countless pdf guides I drew a line in the sand and decided to go forward with one plan and stopped my searching (for the time being anyway).

Your marketing plan should include your objectives – attract new Facebook followers, build your email list or develop your product offering for example.  There is an old adage which says ‘what gets measured, gets done’ and by setting your objectives you can track your progress and keep yourself on track. It will be easier to follow your strategy by writing out the steps to achieve your goals.

Watch the attached video to get a view of Aziz Ali’s Apple and Gmail’s internet marketing ideas.
How to win consumers, gain loyalty and Influence the global marketplace.
4 key Principals for you to adopt and once your strategies are defined you will be on your way to building a profitable business.