Maximise your efforts when creating
Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads

1: Colour Counts – so decide which is best for you

Colours create different emotions. They psychologically place the reader in varying mind-sets so see which best suits your Ad campaign.
Don’t go overboard, but selecting the right colours will re-enforce your message.
First impressions are key. Steer your readers to the reactions you want them to have.


2: Use copy that reflects, and is in keeping with, your Brand.

Space is at a premium when it comes to ad design so keep your message to the point. Short and punchy are key. Does the language fit with today’s culture and trends.

Do the words enhance your Brand. Don’t use old and tired phrases. Watch out for those double meanings -you don’t want to give the Wrong message! You’re looking for IMPACT.

Keep your message to the point and try to make your message be instantly understood.

3: Create the WoW factor with your Images

Consider these attention grabbing ideas

Offer Promo Codes for Holiday Sales
Reward Fans Who Tell a Friend
Show Off Product Features
Give a Free Gift With Purchase
Countdown to a Deadline
Promote a Limited-Time Offer

Size counts – ads in the sidebar are smaller than in the main news feed so you will have more scope and choice in the news feed.

Consider this ad that appear in the sidebar.

You need to work on those small sidebar images so that they become instantly recognisable.

Contrast with this Ad from a news feed entry.

Think? – does the image communicate your message.

4: Put your ad in front of the right people.

Don’t make your target audience too wide, and use the basic categories to select your targets – ask the questions:

  • Location – All in the US or just an area
  • Age – younger, older, male only, female only
  • Interests – specific to your product
  • Connections – associations, following, groups

Choose your type of advertisement to give you specific results

You can choose your own image or leave it to Facebook to select and then add your headline and appropriate text.

Your targeting can be very specific, targeting by relationship status, language or workplace might be appropriate.

Questions to ask yourself:

Facebook AdsKnow your customer demographics
Who’s buying
Why would they buy
Is there a budget
Why your product

Make your message clear,
to the point and targeted
using the three key ingredients of
colour, language and images.