This is a quick guide to steer the new Internet Marketer on the straight and narrow.

What not to do.

brian-tracyHave lack of focus: Buying too many courses, trying too many things and jumping from one thing to another makes you end up doing… NOTHING

Don’t be chasing the “Free” dream: free traffic, free buyers, free list… those things DO NOT EXIST. If you think SEO is free, you’re wrong: when you do SEO you pay with your time, and the services/ software you end up buying.

Things take time – many people just do not understand some models require time to succeed. For example, if you have an own product you need to understand your audience first, and establish your authority before selling something.  Results will come in the long term.

Don’t try to create a business without a real business approach: I hate to say this – if you think you’re going to create a business online, but take it as a game, it just is not going to work. DO NOT believe in those lies saying you can create your business by investing only $100 bucks, or working 1 hour a day.

Chasing the “wrong” dream: so many people go to the Warrior Forum and purchase systems on how to make $10,000 in the first month paying $9.99. You think the guy who sells you that will show you how to make $10,000 in the very FIRST month? And yes, that’s OK to sell something on the Front End for $9,99, but still, don’t expect to succeed if you own a technique, but don’t understand the STRATEGY.

Chasing tactics, instead of developing a strategy: this one is the worst of all of the above- instead of thinking long term, many people just chase a new “sneaky trick” or a look for a new “push button” software. Guess what, what stays long term are real strategies, but techniques change all the time.

Not understanding human psychology: we’re not dealing with an auto responder list, or clicks, or another metric. We sell our services to REAL people. Stay genuine and think in THEIR benefit first. That’s the difference between scam, and real value.

Finally, GIVING UP is the worst mistake you can ever make. I saw this way too many times: people try out 5 or 6 techniques per month, don’t focus on 1 thing at a time, and just… give up.  The worst part – they blame the rest of the world because they failed. Failure is something that chases all those who accept it. It never knocks the doors of those who do not invite it.