Twitter would love you to add photos as it boosts social traffic – read why. No better way to increase your Social Media Management.

Twitter1Your tweets with video and images are more likely to be re-tweeted  than words alone according to Twitter. Use this tactic to improve the management of your social media channel.
Recent data suggested that your messages with pictures are re-tweeted 35% more often than messages with just text, and video messages could get you up to 28% increase in those re-tweets.
Other ideas for consideration to ramp up those tweets include adding in a quote (could raise your reach by 19%), include some form of numeric content (possibly up by 17%), simply a hashtag (amazingly up by16%).

The message is use photos to ramp up your social media management strategy, compared to just plain old text.

twitter2So adding rich media is the way to go but its suggested it may be niche specific –  tweets from tv broadcasters had increase activity by inserting quotes , in the music business their increase was by adding a video link.  Governmental social media management benefited best by adding a picture. A whopping 62% more retweets than just using text on its own.

The data was derrived from over 2 million tweets pumped out by thousands of verified users over one month. It matches similar social media management data from a study conducted last October that found tweets with images generated 92% more retweets.

By Kurt Wagner – 12th March 2014

Here are some Social Media Management ideas for you to adopt:
1. Plan for the present. Don’t look further than than a month away in managing your social media content.
2. Be guided by the numbers. Work to keep your followers, its not the quantity that counts. Short snappy posts are easy to read.
3. Champion your Community. Dont go overboard on Facebook marketing. Keep in mind what most interests your fans .
4. Try to connect with your readers and invite comment. Review what works and what doesn’t. Change your approach to requesting feedback.
5. Be yourself and converse with your readers as if they were your family. Dont go overboard on geek speak or the latest social media buzz word.
6. Re-read your posts before publishing. Make sure your language won’t affend! Re-do if in doubt.
7. Give some lattitude before you delete that negative post! Give a littel time for a post to gain momentum before jumping back in.
8. Reply to negative comments or complaints but be careful that your reply won’t just make things worse.
9. Encourage your readers to share their views, experiences and comments. Praise them where appropriate.
10. Bounce ideas to your readers – they are a ready made social media management focus group.