Technology, especially Social Media, is rapidly gaining momentum in keeping businesses connected. Can your business stay ahead of your competition.

iPhone in handSocial Media platforms are constantly changing giving more functionality and increased diversity.
Does your Marketing Strategy embrace this technology? It would be wise to build into your planning session’s goals and actions to interact and use this momentum to aid your business growth.
Tactics and strategies can be built around these platforms and proper planning will allow the best use of resources both in manpower and money. Have a look at the following areas and ask yourself are you prepared?

Spread your Bets….

Do you have a Facebook Page and little else? Market research suggests your followers are starting to drift away and spreading themselves across several platforms. Facebook’s inner workings are revenue driven focusing on increased profits from ads. If you’re not connected to your readers because Facebook changes its algorithms your competitors will gain ground at your expense.

Have you adopted Google+ as a serious addition?

Google+ is gaining momentum and it can only grow. With all Google’s diverse directions Google+ is well placed to meet you and your customer’s needs especially with the interaction of Google+ with Google search not being impacted by Facebook or Twitter.
Consider Google Authorship to enhance your standing and protect your content. In many cases, an image of the author can appear next to your content in search results, which also increases visibility and click-through rates.

Social Media, Your Content and SEO Techniques

are now more than ever integrated and should not been seen as independent factors. Social media marketing decisively impacts how content is seen and shared. There are direct implications for your SEO performance from content creation and marketing.

Using Visual Imagery

will increase your following. More than half of all social media content have visual elements. As such, visual platforms are playing an increasing role in social media for businesses. New media streams for images and video are widespread. Infographics are another effective promotion tool for businesses with both plentiful data and absorbing stories to inform.
Not every platform will be right for your business. Spending the time to find the visual angle for your message and experimenting with different content formats can help boost your social media marketing strategy.

Building Your Brand and boosting your company profile.

Social media channels should be managed according to a brand-oriented approach. Building your brand on any platform impacts your SEO and improves sales over the long term.
Are the visuals of your social media accounts consistent with the rest of your visual branding? Is your account name or any other copy branded? Are you regularly filtering your status updates to ensure they’re on-message and consistent with the overall brand that you’re building? Focusing on building your brand through your social interactions should be a key focus this year.
If evolutions in social media have taught us anything so far this year, it’s that entrepreneurs with flexible and engaged approaches will have the highest ROI. Take the time to understand general trends and focus on core goals, but also take action to experiment with specific tactics that will grow and change as your business evolves.