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Steve HarrisonI’m Steve Harrison and on this site I will share with you my know-how, product reviews and articles I think are worth reading. From setting up,  software’s and services to the various ways of making money – Isn’t that what you want to know? Learn what I’ve discovered, what I found works, what doesn’t and some hints and tips on the way. This is a never ending journey from the software releases to Google’s algorithm updates.

There are numerous routes you can take to make those initial dollars. Writing that first Kindle publication, creating a viral Youtube video, or releasing your own material and of course commission sales. There are affiliate marketing links amongst these pages but I hope you get some benefit from my experiences and write-up’s to make an informed decision whether a particular offering is right for you.

Once you start to buy software, services and offers you will be constantly hit with new offerings that you can’t do without! The latest ‘shiny object’ that’s flying off the shelf, the ‘must have’ for every marketer – the sales pitches are very good, oh and that bonus packages – Wow! In lots of ways for the new entrepreneur this desire to get the latest add-on or service is a right-of-passage. I’ve been there (still buying) and the costs in lots of cases are very affordable, however, your hard drive will soon fill up not only with the promoted offers but with all those bonuses. First tip – information overload – you’ll soon have a vast collection of videos, webinars and pdf’s to get through – you won’t know where to start. So create a filing system, you must get organized.

Do I Need It

Steve Harrison Tip: I use Evernote (free) to store purchase and access details from the supplier and paypal emails. I add any other useful information like links to tutorials (if I’ve not already downloaded them). I use ‘Tags’  such as ‘utility’ ‘cloud app’ ‘seo’ ‘design tools’ etc which I can attach to each record (referred to as a Note). I then keep all the emails in one folder as a backup.


I found creating a sub folder for each purchase withing my email platform was starting to slow things down. Problem to solution.

You’ll require online and offline tools and you will have to invest in your endeavour but you don’t need to spend a fortune to get started. I’ve tried dozens of products some had a zero cost and many I purchased. There are one-off costs and a few that are recurring such as your web hosting and domain registrations so:

Steve Harrison TipShop around, read reviews and look for discount and promotional codes – there will be a few on this site. This is Affiliate Marketing territory so compare the bonus offerings from various vendors. Just type the product into Google and YouTube and see what comes back.

social mediaWhen I started, over two years ago, I wasn’t into social media but now I have a Facebook account, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest to name but a few. These are all essential tools for getting up and running. They allow you to get your message out there and can provide traffic back to your domain – Ah yes, traffic – you’ll need that too. Social media is everywhere and most of the daily released must-haves from affiliates are focused in this area.

Thank you for reading this short introduction. You will find plenty of useful tips within these pages so do check out the other areas. Feel free to ask me a question via the contact me page, sign-up for updates and good luck with your journey.

The Best Way to Succeed in Business is to be in Business…

Wishing you every success,
Steve Harrison.