Internet marketing or online marketing uses a mix of tools and skills to promote and sell anything online be it a physical product, a digital product or a service.


Online marketing can be just one aspect of a company’s activitity.  A high street store can supplement its income with additional routes to market that as a physical business alone it may be unable to reach. Today web marketing  is already a substantially essential experience for most businesses. For some its just an extension of their marketing spend, getting their brand awareness more established. Other businesses have moved their operations online as a way of reducing costs and others see it as reaching new markets.

Essential elements of your internet presence:

Website: displaying a compelling message, photos, audio and video clips should all be used to promote your product or service. Capturing leads is vital to build a customer list enabling you to target them for repeat sales.  Without customers you don’t have a business. Look to match your websites design with your sales brochures to reinforce your business identity.

Email capture: Popup boxes, free offers and promotions can be used to capture those vital email addresses and customer details. Building a list is very important and is an on-going activity. As much as your business needs sales sometimes you can run a promotion or free offer just to increase your customer list.

Banner advertising: you can make a side income by positioning advertising banner ads on your internet pages for a fee. Some websites are created just to display ads and therefore the ad income is the driving factor.  The balance here is to provide worthwhile content around the ads.

Article marketing and advertising: You might consider creating an article promoting your product or service or employ an online writer to develop one for you and upload it to article sites or internet press release platforms. Articles have a viral possibility to expand around the internet and can provide valuable back links to your site.  This is one technique to improve web traffic to your business as well as to advertise your brand to a wider audience.

Social media advertising:  a vital part of marketing must now include social media networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook as well as social bookmarking internet platforms like Digg.

Blogging: promote your product or service via blogging, upload comments to online internet forums. These activities could be accomplished either by organizing your own internet site or by launching comments in addition to Hyperlinks on various other blog websites connected to your product or service.

Search Engine Advertising: here you can pay the search engine operator Google/Bing/Yahoo to place your site listing near the top of a page for specified keyword searches.  You will pay more for popular words where there is high competition. A firm could improve its web page’s position with seo, getting pay-per-click promotions or getting pay-for-inclusion listings in online internet directories. These appear like yellow-pages site listings.

Online press release: internet news release entails posting information about your product or business with an online wire service.

Internet advertising experts take advantage of differing types of sales promotions such as e-mail marketing, social media networks advertising and marketing, PPC(ppc) promotions, banner advertising along with video advertising and after developing an excellent web site the 1st step is to drive web traffic to your site.

Search engine advertising and marketing (SEM) is among one of the most efficient methods you can take to promote your business. SEO is the structure or framework of your web site arranged in such a way as to increase direct exposure in natural search results. When individuals search for vital phrases associated with your company you ideally want the search engine to serve up your site in preference to any other.