social-media-imageSomeone recently explained to me that Facebook was for social interaction, Linked-In was for business users and Google+ was somewhere in between the two – What do you think?

There’s no doubt that Facebook is the leader at the moment but recent press suggests that it will lose traction over the next few years.  Certainly, Google combined with all its associated offshoots like YouTube is the larger beast and is rapidly gaining popularity in the social arena with Google+ and Google Pages.  However, when I asked my two kids (well, young adults really 21 & 24) to assist me with setting up my Google profile neither one had an account – “We use Facebook Dad “.  We shouldn’t forget the image formats like Pinterest, Mashable, YouTube and Tumblr and the txt medium of Tweets.  All these channels for ‘Traffic’ generation are important.

Recent training I followed on Google +, creating circles and pages, certainly gave me the feeling that it was more business orientated.  Furthermore, watching a Linked-in training webinar yesterday blurred the distinction between social and business interaction.  So, are they all merging their directions?  Are they trying to be all things to all people?

From the IM perspective which ones are best to use?  Some would say all of them, and they are probably right if you want to cover all bases for traffic generation.  As a newcomer it seems daunting to post on all these services keeping track of various groups you’ve signed up to.  There are of course services which you can sign up to manage all of your social platforms and I might review those as I progress.  If you are trying to drive traffic to an offer which is targeted at a young audience then your choice of route may be influenced by the attached infographic.
If in doubt just start at the top and work your way through.