6 Tips to Keep your readers happy

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IDEA #1 – Keep your readers happy! Hand out a report
to your readers once per week and automatically
deliver content for the next 4 months! Pick a day
of the week like Friday and call it ‘freebie Friday’,
or Sunday and call it ‘Surprise Sunday’ and hand out
your report. Your readers get 100 useful marketing
tips for free! Your readers will love you for it!

IDEA #2 – Add more value to your existing offer!
Just bundle a package of these products together to
add more value to your existing offers. By offering
more bang for the buck you may just tip those sales
conversions in your favour without having to work any

IDEA #3 – Add more content to your paid or free
membership! Lacking quality content and want your
members to stay with you for the long haul? Then drip
feed these reports into your membership, and offer
them as downloaded content. Alternatively you could
copy the content from the reports and paste them into
premium pages of your membership.

IDEA #4 – Motivate your affiliates!
Don’t just send your affiliates a link and hope for
the best! Instead make it easy for your partners by
giving them content that they can give away for free
to promote your product or service. You’ll increase your
profits instantly and see a surge of sales come in long

IDEA #5 – Add more posts to your blog!
Pick your subject, create a catchy title, and copy and
paste in the tips into your blog post! Add a picture, or
a cartoon image, add a closing paragraph and you’ll have
a unique post for your readers. Ask readers to leave
comments and add their own tips and you’ll have a little
discussion going! Great for free SEO traffic! Monetize
your blog with AdSense and/or Amazon offers.

IDEA #6 – Apply the knowledge to improve your business.
Pick a topic you’re interested in, read through the content
yourself and apply any one of the hundreds of ideas readily
available to you!

With a little imagination and determination, you can turn
these info-packed reports into traffic, lead and sale
generators! You’re only limited by your imagination!