MemesampleIf you are a budding internet affiliate marketer and intend asking for affiliate products to promote how will the vendor decide if they should add you to their promotion list?
What makes you stand out above the rest?

Do you have a presence on the internet that sellers can check out?
Do you have social media accounts to review?

In whichever direction you are going –

Facebook marketing, SEO marketing, Mobile marketing, Content publishing,
Affiliate marketing or
Kindle publishing

You need Social Authority

Tips (1) –  Use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube and any other platform to create your social presence.

Well, here’s an action plan:

Tips (2) – After you add articles to your internet blog simply create a snippet on your social accounts linking back to your site.
This will build your authority with Google.
There are tools out there to automate this but it can easily be achieved manually.
Tips (3) – To supplement good written content you can use memes.
Tips (4) – You can also try using infographics.
Tips (5) – Set a schedule and post daily initially and then find your own pace.
You can find free to use images on the internet to supplement your articles.

Why use Meme’s

A meme is a catchphrase or quote often jokey, cutting or based on mimicry which spreads virally around the web. However, they can be inspirational, spiritual, uplifting and colourful and therefore a marketing tool to get your message across.

They can enhance your internet articles providing visual reinforcement.
They can make you laugh, pause for thought or promote action.
You can add internet hyperlinks.
They can be an easy and quick way to add interest to your website or blog.